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De AAlisa480, le 20/04/2013 13:41:43
business friendship

Hello! my name is Alisa, an overssea sales of Shenzhen Hotwav Science & Technology Co.Ltd.We are manufacture of OEM and Smart PDA mobile phone and led lighting.Our products have be the best seller all over the word for many years,especially in South America and Middel east.

If you are interested in our products,pls do not hesitate to let me know.

Shenzhen Hotwav Science & Technology Co.Ltd


Tel: +86-755-8325-2824        Fax: +86-755-82527969

 Email:    QQ:2320952154

MSN:    Skype: Alisa_hotwav2013

Web Site: 

Add the 3rd Industial Park,Fenghuang,Fuyong,Bao'an District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China 518031