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De nwengc2, le 16/03/2015 22:49:05
Nice to Meet you

Hi, everybody. My name is Dora, and I'm living in ChengDu, a beautiful city. I like travelling, reading books and listiening to music and so on. I can ride bicycle, and play table tennis. I can't play badminton and cook.

I love China, and I am proud of that i am a chineses.I like to make friends with you all.


De ychenc1613, le 17/03/2015 09:11:56
RE: Nice to Meet you
Hello., Dora! Nice to meet you. I wanna be friend with you. You can add me if you use the Wechat. My ID number is zcjybc42. I think it'll be good for us to communicate in English.
De nwengc2, le 04/05/2015 21:15:31
RE: RE: Nice to Meet you
Hi, how ca i add. I have no wechat.