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De RMans7, le 29/12/2013 05:25:37
Bollywood or Hollywood

Do you like an indian TV?


De RAlSebki1, le 30/01/2014 15:58:27
RE: Bollywood or Hollywood
No. I don't like Indian movies
De RFranca154, le 11/02/2014 18:17:18
RE: Bollywood or Hollywood
There was a movie that a liked a lot. The movie's name is "Slumdog Millionaire". I was really impressed with this movie.
De hHuang6977, le 15/03/2014 02:30:25
RE: Bollywood or Hollywood
I like 3 idiots,it's very interesting mde me moved and impressed
De wzidan6, le 15/03/2014 03:39:39
RE: RE: Bollywood or Hollywood
yes Bollywood is good but in fact need to change mind about stores . it's always same story and idea "lovers &dancer&bad guys " hummm>>>>> Hollywood have more than this
De mlala61, le 18/06/2014 05:04:25
RE: Bollywood or Hollywood

yes of course i like the indian movies .i like the story of my name is khan very good.

De bibrahim145, le 18/06/2014 09:14:25
RE: RE: Bollywood or Hollywood
hollywood is the best always
De PCisternas16, le 18/06/2014 17:48:19
RE: Bollywood or Hollywood
i'm a big fan of hollywood movies, but i saw 3 idiots and it was very good... i will watch more bollywood!!
De MAl-mahiaoi, le 20/06/2014 04:41:51
RE: Bollywood or Hollywood
I watch some of Bollywood movies , but Hollywood is better
De DBazoReisman, le 11/12/2014 22:08:44
RE: RE: Bollywood or Hollywood
I thought the same ! n_n
De ssunshine685, le 03/02/2015 06:36:27
RE: RE: Bollywood or Hollywood
Slumdog Millionaire,Its the best India movie that I saw.
De vvikrant, le 14/05/2015 04:50:58
RE: Bollywood or Hollywood
I think both of these industries have their own value which can't be denied. Also movies are for entertainment and plays it role very well. Bollywood movies are made by directors while keeping one thing in mind - entertainment with real story or either I should say they want to earn money and for getting more attention they want controversy and any another means to make collection vast. As Indian culture is getting westernise day by day, I should say that the day is not far away when everything will be exact same as in western, and we can feel the effect of that thing in our movies (vulgarity). But i like both industry until I could take advantage from these two by anyhow means