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De JBarbosa1467, le 06/09/2015 20:35:32
Hello Everybody!

 Hi, I'm from Brazil and I study english to my work and that I like too. I would like connect with friends and talk about business around the world.

De OKusnetsov, le 15/09/2015 03:24:57
RE: Hello Everybody!
Hello Jilvan! How are you? I hope you and your family is Ok. I'm Oleksandr from Ukraine. I'm ready to communicate with you. I need myself that and it's just intresting for me. What do you doing in life? What kind of a professin do you have? Yors faithfuly Oleksandr
De JBarbosa1467, le 13/10/2015 22:00:23
RE: RE: Hello Everybody!
Hello Oleksandr, I'm fine. And you?