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De GLin1798, le 16/01/2015 05:30:04
Introduce myself

My name is Andy. I live in Taiwan . I'm a soldier in the Army aviation . My English do not good. My Englishtown level is two. so I need to study English very hard. I wish that I can meeting nice friend in this discussion area. And improve my English ability.


De xchengc101, le 26/01/2015 09:30:17
RE: Introduce myself
I love Taiwan.Last year,I have been travelled in Taibei.There are many dilicious food.There are many lovely people.
De GLin1798, le 27/01/2015 08:15:54
RE: RE: Introduce myself
I am glad to get your reply. Maybe we can exchange each other cultural and experience?
De xchengc101, le 27/01/2015 08:57:24
RE: RE: RE: Introduce myself

It's a good idea~

I like yoga.What sport do you like?

De GLin1798, le 28/01/2015 07:35:42
RE: RE: RE: RE: Introduce myself
I like going out to hike and see a movie . What do you do?
De xchengc101, le 30/01/2015 02:10:00
RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Introduce myself

GreatI am an assistant.It's a boring job.What about you?

De SSunzy1, le 05/02/2015 21:33:38
RE: Introduce myself
Hi Andy Nice to meet you ,my name is Sunzy and i am from Mainland China. my grandpa lives in Taiwan ,he is a soldier too
De GLin1798, le 06/02/2015 02:07:03
RE: RE: Introduce myself
I am glad to get your reply. Nice to meet you. Maybe we can exchange each other cultural and life of experience?
De ARibeiroJunior11, le 07/02/2015 17:29:23
RE: Introduce myself
hi andy, your country is very good. I like fights and the Thai box does not lack anything
De SSunzy1, le 08/02/2015 00:25:59
RE: RE: Introduce myself
please note, Taiwan is not a country。
De GLin1798, le 08/02/2015 01:50:51
RE: RE: Introduce myself
Hi, Jack Thank's for your praise, Nice to meet you. You said the Thai box? But your country isn't Brazil?
De FMartinsdeOliveira16, le 20/02/2015 15:08:01
RE: Introduce myself
Hi Andy. My name is Fábio and I live in Brazil. Nice to meet you. I´ve never been in Taiwan, but I think that is a wonderful place to visit. If you want to practice and improve your English, let´s go training ok? Hugs!
De GLin1798, le 21/02/2015 05:33:33
RE: RE: Introduce myself

it's my pleasure, nice to meet you

De yleec40, le 21/02/2015 12:29:24
RE: Introduce myself
but how can a soldier use Internet when he is in Army?
De GLin1798, le 21/02/2015 20:02:34
RE: RE: Introduce myself
it's time at my vacation or holiday, so I can use internet.
De EPereira2091, le 24/02/2015 19:10:03
RE: Introduce myself
Hello!!! I'm Edilson from Brazil. I love travel too. Last year I went to New York and was the most beautiful place that I Knew. I love to do new friends. A hug.
De GLin1798, le 25/02/2015 10:28:18
RE: RE: Introduce myself
nice to meet you, and let's to improve our English.
De TPiresdeAlcantara, le 29/04/2015 15:36:59
RE: Introduce myself
Hello, my name is Tania. I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I love travel too. I'm new member your group . I'm a teacher. Last year I went to California for 3 months. It was very good experience.
De vaquino27, le 23/11/2015 19:55:30
RE: Introduce myself
my number is +55 51 99611141 I hope whatsapp group.
De lbaic97, le 30/11/2015 23:10:50
RE: Introduce myself
hello,Andy ,nice to meet you ,I'am cici ,I Live in chengdu,Welcome to my hometown chengdu. so ,I hope take a holiday in taiwan on the next year. maybe i can meet you
De ppa74, le 26/12/2015 14:36:46
RE: RE: Introduce myself
Hi , my name is bochra from algeria i want learn english with you and too impove my level n this language in order to tr***el and know culturs of people in the whole world thnx .
De ccoco2201, le 27/12/2015 03:40:42
RE: Introduce myself
HI, Andy. My name is May and I live in Guangdong province of China. I love Taiwan food and hope visit Taiwan as soon as possible . Hope we can be friends. I want to study English well and meet friends over the world. If everybody h***e WeChat , add me as friend :ccoco2201. Thanks!