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Etes-vous sûr de vouloir effacer le sujet de discussion Hi guys! Windows phone and windows developer ?
De SCarela1, le 10/11/2014 11:58:41
Hi guys! Windows phone and windows developer
Hi guys, I'm currently a windows and windows phone developer if some of you are interested in have a conversation about windows development (c#, xaml) you can contact me. Have a good day guys
De ARochadasNeves, le 01/09/2015 20:38:48
RE: Hi guys! Windows phone and windows developer
Hi Santiago. I updated my computer to Windows 10, and did not find any simple tutorial teaching how to convert an universal app for Windows 8.1 (PC and phone) to Windows 10 universal app. Maybe, it is best to create new XAML code for the Windows 10 version, because of new available tags. Tell me about your experience with Windows 10 programming. Regards, Anderson Neves
De SCarela1, le 02/09/2015 21:09:18
RE: RE: Hi guys! Windows phone and windows developer
Hi Anderson, I haven't try the news APIs in windows 10. The last app that I put in the store was for wp8.1 I'm still waiting for the release of windows 10 for mobile that's going to be in Octubre supposedly. There are videos in Channel 5 web pages explaining the universal app development. Check channel 5 most of the videos are from Build 2015.